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The RAF Sports Lottery was established by the RAF Central Fund in 1993 to generate funding to support sporting activities and endeavours in the RAF.

Since its inception, the Lottery has funded in excess of £16 million to RAF Sports Associations, Units, clubs and individuals to assist RAF service men and women to try and enjoy sports at all levels.

The range of activities supported by Lottery funding is diverse and currently spans over 90 disciplines and events.  Support is provided across the spectrum of participation from individuals trying a sport for the first time to elite athletes competing on the international stage.

So, whilst you may not have won a cash prize yet, there’s an excellent chance you’ve already benefited from RAF Central Fund funding in some way.

The RAF Sports Lottery is licensed and regulated by the Gambling Commission. 

If you have any questions about the RAF Sports Lottery, its rules or RAF Central Fund grants funding programme please contact us here.