We are an an independent charity that supports serving RAF personnel through grant funding to enable them to take part in sports and physical activities at all levels. We want everyone in the RAF regardless of their role, rank, physical ability or competing level to have access to sports facilities, equipment, and training and through our support we help to safeguard their health and wellbeing.


For serving RAF personnel to develop their full potential through sport and physical activities


To enable serving RAF personnel to access sporting opportunities and physical activities.

Our History

  • 1919 – 1922 Formation of the Air Council Central Fund to collate from disbanded RAF units monies donated to support the welfare of others in RAF service by both Commissioned and Non-Commissioned RAF personnel
  • 1922 – 1937 The continued input and amalgamation of non-public welfare funds to ‘improve the amenities of service life for the benefit of serving personnel
  • 1937 Fund renamed ‘RAF Central Reserve Fund’ and the objects of the Fund widened to allow for the provision of support towards the formation of Messes and Service Institutes at new RAF Units
  • 1943 Fund registered under its current name as the ‘RAF Central Fund’
  • 1993 RAF Sports Lottery established by the charity to generate additional funding to supplement income generated from invested monies
  • 2007 The Mechanics Fund amalgamated into the Fund with the objectives of providing enrichment funding to support RAF trainees
  • 2014 Fund incorporated with charitable constitution which reconfirms its original charitable purpose of providing enduring support to our serving personnel
  • 2018 The Fund continues to work with our RAF colleagues to identify and respond to the evolving needs of our beneficiaries

Contact us

For any RAF Central Fund and RAF Sports Lottery enquiries please contact us via our contact us page.