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RAF Sports Lottery Results
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Winners Stories



AC Ted Bailey

RAF Halton

Ticket 299613

Ted couldn’t believe his luck when he won the Sports Lottery, he put his winnings back into the sport he loves!

Ted shared ‘I race British Championship enduro for the RAF Motocross & Enduro team; the money was spent on performance parts, entry fees and general maintenance of my bikes. As well as a trip away riding for a week with my friends. I have also received a Sports Grant from the Central Fund this year, it all gets put towards helping me achieve my goals in racing to hopefully reach the top level. I purchase 5 tickets a month to help put back into the Fund as it’s a huge help to all of us sportsmen/women.’





Fg Off Robson

RAF Benson

Ticket 78841

Sport takes commitment, passion and hard work but the benefits and friends that you make on the way are incredible!

Alex said: “I joined the Royal Air Force in June 2016 and began representative sport as soon as I could, after graduating from training. I had heard about all of the amazing opportunities open to personnel when playing representative sport and already, within my first year of Service, I have represented the RAF Ladies Golf Team at the 2017 Inter-Services Championships. I have been to Lisbon (Portugal) with RAF Badminton and soon will be beginning my training schedule with RAF Netball, who have a Competitive Sports Tour in Australia in 2018. Sport takes commitment, passion and hard work but the benefits and friends that you make on the way are incredible! Thanks to the RAF Central Fund for the funding towards these sports and for the winnings!”




Sgt Saunders

RAF Waddington

Ticket 366000

I remember saying “I never get anything on the RAF Sports Lottery!”

Tom shared; “Now I think I’m one of the most undeserving people to win a £1000 on the RAF Sports Lottery because I have been fortunate enough to go the ski champs in Saalbach, snowboard in Holland, play hockey in Australia, Singapore, Cyprus and South Africa, all with the assistance of the RAF Central Fund. So if you, like me, have ever said “I never win anything on the Sports Lottery”, then please don’t leave it down to chance or luck, look for sporting opportunities, Expeds or funding, and if you’re not already a member then join the RAF Sports Lottery, because you could be a lucky winner of £1000 or  even £10,000!”




Sgt Mathew Stewart

MOD Stafford

Ticket 132355

The RAF Sports Lottery is here to make a difference each and every week – but don’t just take our word for it…

Mathew says “To scoop £3000 came as a bit of a surprise to say the least! It will be a great boost to the house deposit fund! To me, membership of the Sports Lottery has never been about winning a prize. Over the years I have certainly had my money’s worth! Overseas expeditions, Rugby tours and various training courses have all been made possible by grant funding from the RAF Central Fund. This is a brilliant charity, providing amazing opportunities to RAF personnel service wide. Buy your tickets, take advantage where you can, win or don’t win; its money well spent!! Thank you for your support over the years, I couldn’t have done it without you!”



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